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Portand has a plan to provide tiny houses for homeless

NOW PLAYING on "Lake of Dreams" by Roy Two Thousand

Dam boom goes bust

Henry Rollins lost respect for Robin Williams

World's smallest house in Poland

Turkey is planning to demolish skyscrapers to protect beauty of skyline

Some people are shipping in water from neighboring towns in CA to beat the drought

"Insane" new parking restriction signs are 15 feet tall, Mayor says they must go

6.0 earthquake in California's Napa Valley hurls expensive bottles of wine off store shelves

There are exemptions for those who do not or cannot buy health insurance

Nail polish alerts wearer of date rape drugs

See how much California's drought is with these before/after pictures

Second Amendment Foundation asks whether cities can ban gun stores

Navajo blanket fetches huge sum for man struggling on disability


Ice bucket challenge goes terribly wrong for firefighters 

Nick Cannon confirms spit with Mariah Carey

WHAT'S PLAYING in music - Incubation by Boris Lelong

Chemicals from sunscreen are poisoning the ocean

LA school police to stop citing students for minor offenses

Hiker sings opera to calm stalking mountain lion

In 1993 AT&T offered a computer video phone

Moto 360 smart watch appears at Best Buy 2 weeks early and it's awesome

Cute cookies

Red light camera firm paid for Chicago official's car/condo

Dutchman returns holocaust medal

Why the public library beats Amazon

Polaroid introduces small mountable camera

Repairing the health care system Stanley Feld, M.D.

Transcend "Obamacare" don't repeal it

Blood Falls is an unusual water feature in Antarctica

In Iceland it is illegal to name a child Harriet

Silicon Valley congressman seeks ban on children's bullet proof backpacks

College student wants right to carry gun

Phosphorus content on food labels could save taxpayers billions

Airstrikes and humanitarian assistance in Iraq could go on for months

Holy cow!

Disney is the 2nd largest buyer of explosives in the US

Microsoft website 1994

Wikimedia refuses to remove selfie taken by monkey

The courts have a big role in deciding health care policy

Some schools are replacing their iPads with laptops

Company pays settlement with buckets of change

Alabama abortion restrictions ruled unconstitutional

Statue selfie

Some thoughts on the Toledo water scare

Orange you impressed was bought by Steven Colbert at Comedy Central

American Jewish leader Rabbi Henry Siegman speaks about Israel and Gaza

The Federal marijuana ban is rooted in myth and xenophobia

The federal government is cracking down on bake sales

Dog saves penguins

Lane control

The bear case for rideshare service Uber

100 years ago "World War I" started on July 28, 1914

Old steel mill near Buffalo, NY may become solar farm 

Court declares District of Columbia ban on carrying a gun outside the home unconstitutional

Music selection: Loose Grooves and Bastard Blues by Tommy Guerrero

The Detroit Water Project connects people who need their water bill paid with donors

Point blank range is not as close as you think

Wyoming cave rich with fossils to be explored once again by scientists after 30 years

A very good comparison of cell phone personal digital assistants, Siri, Google Now, and Cortana

Court declares millions of Americans are not entitled to government health insurance subsidies under Obamacare

George Harrison memorial tree in Los Angeles' Griffith Park killed by....of all things....beetles!

Scientists discover global warming pause since 1998 may be due natural climate fluctuations

Ukranian military jet was flying close to passenger plane before it was shot down says Russian officer

Pastafarian wins legal right to wear colander on head in official photos

NYC wants to turn payphones into wi-fi hotspots

Perfect fit

Map of Mars

The New Yorker opens up all it's content free for summer

Lego pieces keep washing up on Cornish beaches since the great Lego spill of 1997

"Officer should be in jail" says family member of man who died in police chokehold

Snowden's surveillance monster isn't as Orwellian as we may think

Sedona plane crash kills 4 and sparks Fay Canyon Fire

Driverless cars could be used as lethal weapons

Hot air balloon hits power lines burning 5 people

School does not allow child to carry an inhaler and dies after severe asthma attack

Medicare modifies hospice drug rule

French butter dish used water to keep it fresh without refrigeration

Red light cameras tag thousands for undeserved tickets

The first rap video ever to appear on MTV debuted in 1981

The great green wall of Africa

First country to repeal carbon tax

Pilot Flying J fined $92M

Rim fire remains spark controversial plan for salvage logging

The US deficit continues to  shrink

Scenes from Washington state's first day of pot sales

 Denver city/county murder rate has dropped 42.1% since recreational marijuana use was legalized

The US Constitution may have a different meaning due to a dot

Bummer and Lazarus, 2 stray dogs that became celebrities in San Francisco's 1860's

This might be the world's shortest crosswalk

Up to 328,000 birds are killed annually by wind farms

Georgia expands guns in public places

US loses to Belgium, exits World Cup

'No Saturday Driving' ban for old cars sparks protest in the streets

The balancing act of the recent Supreme Court contraception case

Hobby Lobby won their case, Supreme court says Obamacare cannot mandate contraception

Bitcoin legalized in California

Obama to seek $2 billion from Congress to deal with child migrant crisis

North Dakota builds it's first wildlife crossing due to oil boom

Tap water is better than bottled water

Supreme Court ruled unanimously cell phones cannot be searched without a warrant

Streaming TV startup Aereo shut down by FCC

Neurotoxic pesticides blamed for world's bee collapse also killing worms, fish, birds

Kill switches in mobile phones are reducing theft

Study links exposure to pesticides during pregnancy to Autism risk

Surface Pro 3 is near impossible to repair

Detroit activists call for UN help as city shuts off water for many

About those rejected vanity plates

"Yo" app for iPhone makes it's creator $1 million

National parks will be no drone zones

Woman dies in jail while serving sentence for her kids unpaid school fines

Don't look back

Amazon phone is about web shopping, not smartphone market share

Federal rule to allow wind-energy companies to seek approval to kill or injure eagles for 30 years

Four reasons not to buy an Amazon Fire phone

Free printable check register and other printable paper items

British scientist says Obama's science advisor is wrong on climate change

Obama compares climate-change deniers to those who thought the moon was made of cheese

A 2560 x 1440 LCD phone screen sounds amazing but it just eats the battery

This elevator goes up and left

India plans to plant 2 billion trees along highways employing jobless youth

Full moon on Friday the 13th won't happen again in the US until 2049

No tipping policy for restaurant provides wage of $10/hr

370" TV costs $1.6M

The heat is ON

Not exactly king of the jungle

London mayor calls for removal of anti-homeless spikes

Apple Inc. stock opens at $92

More than 1.7 million Americans are stuck in Medicaid health care application limbo

I'm pretty sure this is what the inside of a cow looks like

Polish politician says Putin did nothing wrong by reuniting Crimea with Russia

Transfer gift card balances to your Google Wallet

Belmont Stakes Horse Race - Tonalist wins, Californa Chrome 4th no Triple Crown, Chrome owner rants

Skeptical shepherd photo by reddit user lecoeurheureux

Headlines about the Titanic sinking Chattanooga News April 16, 1912 photo by reddit user B0B4xF3TT

Fasting triggers stem cell regeneration of damaged immune system

Colorado gets $1.9 million in revenues for schools in just one month due to legal marijuana sales

Here's what Apple's new OS X Yosemite looks like and it's new features


Tomato paste contains lycopene and eating it daily acts as an internal sunscreen

Samsung launches first Tizen operating system phone

Ann B. Davis who played the maid Alice of The Brady Bunch has died at 88

House votes to defund DEA medical marijuana raids

In 1859 Scientific American said that playing chess would destroy the mind

Canada eliminated their penny, man says he came out 89 cents ahead

Download your own art collection from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Army therapist treats PTSD with hookers and cocaine

True of false

San Francisco famous Lombard Street to close temporarily during summer due to constant gridlock

Microsoft introduces Surface Pro 3

Austrailia government cuts 90% of it's global warming budget

Colorado river flows to sea first time in 16 years

Man responds to celebrity billboards announcing their divorces by putting up his own message against divorce

Dangerous flame retardant chemicals found in preschools

This bustop has a swing

Bicycle thefts down 67% using cardboard psychology

Woman's cancer killed by measles virus with vaccine dosage that would treat 10 million people

Gluten sensitivity may not exist according to the scentist who first said it did exist - short movies and what's playing at theaters - film reviews of top 3 movies of all time in various categories - study on alternate energy sources, traditional fuels, cars & trucks, wind farming and solar projects

The Desert Home - various homes featured and resources regarding home buying in a warmer drier climate

Camera Fraud - a group is committed to stopping the forced use of red light automated ticketing cameras

who knew Los Angeles' red light camera fines were voluntary   recommended yellow light times for safe intersections

This traffic intersection has a unique system that could make a difference


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Dot map of the 2010 census


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