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FBI admits snooping powers didn't crack any terror cases



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France makes it illegal to throw away food

Santa Barbara oil spill coats beaches with tar

Los Angeles city council raises minimum wage to $15 with a 14-1 vote

The West's drought is causing some to say "stop buying bottled water"

Bella's bottle game for dogs

Solar rooftops cost the rest of us more money

Death map lives

ABC fired Geraldo for a $200 donation but continues to employ Stephanopoulus

Alibaba sued by luxury brands over counterfeit goods

Internet address shortage shocks Microsoft

Blame the unvaccinated? 

Government seizes 10 kids from off-grid family for homeschooling - family sues for $60 million

Warm blooded fish discovered

19 "Simpsons" characters affected by Harry Sherer departure from show

Tea is harmful to the body

Certain fruits & vegetables continue to ripen after being picked

Cops decide to help heroin addicts instead of arresting them

Pitfalls of posting

George Zimmerman involved in shooting

Carly Fiorina buys other people's domains and forgets to buy ""

Drenching rain in drought stricken Texas may be good sign for California

Don't even think of bringing in a "single use bag" in this store multiple times (updated)

Restaurant celebrates white appreciation day

Obama pitches trade at Nike headquarters in Oregon

Russian spacecraft safely falls into Pacific Ocean

San Diego's beautiful Balboa Park trees are dying due to the drought

What if there is no Autism epidemic

Appeals court deems broad US phone collections illegal

Ferry service to Cuba approved by US government

Excessive force: 45 years ago at Kent State University

A little harsh? Couple found guilty of sex on Florida beach - one faces 15 years in prison

Work intellergent

Drones now being used to spray graffiti

Half bike

How absurd one can look taking a call on an Apple watch

Yosemite Rim Fire witnesses die and case against hunter charged with setting fire is dismissed

Tesla's new home batteries have mixed reviews

California SB 277 would illegally force innoculations on public

Call to recall CA senator over freedom of choice 

Police officer kills K-9

Russian spacecraft falling to Earth

Behind the Baltimore riots is a deeper struggle

It's time to stop treating childhood like it's a disease

Weather change and climate change are synonymous

Man forms tiny European nation

Fast food workers don't deserve $15/hr

Astronomers hate the self driving lawnmower Rumba

Kansas welfare restrictions law: Tattoo parlors say "those people never come in here"

Wind turbine spinning out of control, explosion could cause flying parts to cover roads near Palm Springs

more big oil industry layoffs this time 11,000

See what happens to "clean energy" when the brakes fail

GM faulty ignition switch billions will NOT be paid to victims as judges orders reprieve for company

Megadroughts have happened in California way before "climate change"

Parents file lawsuit after police pick up children walking home from park

Madonna plants kiss on rapper Drake at Coachella Music Fest 

Oklahoma reserve deputy who shot unarmed black man dead has been charged with second degree murder

HP former CEO blames environmentalists for "man made" drought emergency in California

Thomas Jefferson wanted the US Constitution to expire every 19 years

Kansas bill will ban welfare recipients from spending their money at a variety of businesses including movies and swimming pools

Anti-gay pizza place rakes in the dough

Cop who berated Uber driver in NYC stripped of badge and gun

75,000 will get work training in solar energy industry

Listen to music by Dorothy Mackaill - I'm Just A Man About Town (1930)

Despite predictions of gloom Obamacare got 14 million people insured and doctors offices are not swamped 

Andreas Lubitz sought treatment for vision problems

Amanda Knox conviction overturned by Italy top court

California hilltop piano mystery solved

Torn up sick notes show French Alps crash pilot should have been grounded

US approves of rhino hunt license auction fetching $350,000

Fight over court ordered circumcision of 4 year old gains worldwide attention

Woman held in psychiatric ward 8 days for saying Obama followers her on Twitter, he actually does

Office 2016 for Windows preview not open to all O365 biz subscribers

Dog in a pool in a pool

City's lmit on fast food restaurants in Los Angeles did not curb obesity

Janet Napolitano Says ‘We Don’t Have To Listen To This Crap’ As Students Protest Potential UC Tuition Hikes

Man's girlfriend and ex jump in river to see who he will rescue

Bing Maps "street view" spotted in Indio CA 3/18/2015

Guy calls in to C-SPAN pretending to be "The Fresh Prince of Belair"

Kraft Mac & Cheese recall due to metal pieces

Netanyahu wins Israel election

Photo of Attorney General Edwin Meese in front of bare breasted statue as he's holding final report blasting pornography 1986

This website let's you download old radio broadcasts from the 30's, 40's, 50's

US is running out of room to store crude oil

Looking at both sides of "net neutrality" laws just passed by the FCC

White officer shoots naked unarmed 27 year old black mentally ill veteran dead

Oscar Pistorius could now be convicted of murder after failed appeal challenge

Man with face tattoos kicked out of restaurant due to fears of gangs

Stray dog that was kicked out of a parking spot returns with his friends to trash the guys car

Homeless woman in Portland's Old Town cited with theft after charging her cell phone in an available outlet

After receiving verdict of $7.4 million Marvin Gaye family seeks to have "Blurred Lines" song pulled from distribution 

"Big Sugar" was a driving force behind NIH efforts to reduce dental cavities

Odds increasing that a large quake will hit California

Expelling Oklahoma students over speech may be unconstitutional

Eleven military members presumed dead in helicopter crash during the night off Florida coast

Two helicopters crash while filming reality television

Immigration reform looks dead in this session of Congress

Climate change banned in Florida

Microsoft sues Kyocera for patent infringement

Daylight savings time plus interest

Not stuck!

Ferguson judge behind aggressive fines owes $170k in taxes

Transmission fluid's odd original formula that had environmentalists upset

ISIS loots and bulldozes ancient archeological site in Iraq

Television host celebrates "Cheese Doodle Day" with surprising results

Verizon uses Morse Code to mock FCC "net neutrality" ruling saying it's taking communications back to 1934 

80% of the world's population will own smartphones by 2020

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