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 Angie's List to pull plans to expand in Illinois due to opposition to religious freedom act



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Andreas Lubitz sought treatment for vision problems

Amanda Knox conviction overturned by Italy top court

California hilltop piano mystery solved

Torn up sick notes show French Alps crash pilot should have been grounded

US approves of rhino hunt license auction fetching $350,000

Fight over court ordered circumcision of 4 year old gains worldwide attention

Woman held in psychiatric ward 8 days for saying Obama followers her on Twitter, he actually does

Office 2016 for Windows preview not open to all O365 biz subscribers

Dog in a pool in a pool

City's lmit on fast food restaurants in Los Angeles did not curb obesity

Janet Napolitano Says ‘We Don’t Have To Listen To This Crap’ As Students Protest Potential UC Tuition Hikes

Man's girlfriend and ex jump in river to see who he will rescue

Bing Maps "street view" spotted in Indio CA 3/18/2015

Guy calls in to C-SPAN pretending to be "The Fresh Prince of Belair"

Kraft Mac & Cheese recall due to metal pieces

Netanyahu wins Israel election

Photo of Attorney General Edwin Meese in front of bare breasted statue as he's holding final report blasting pornography 1986

This website let's you download old radio broadcasts from the 30's, 40's, 50's

US is running out of room to store crude oil

Looking at both sides of "net neutrality" laws just passed by the FCC

White officer shoots naked unarmed 27 year old black mentally ill veteran dead

Oscar Pistorius could now be convicted of murder after failed appeal challenge

Man with face tattoos kicked out of restaurant due to fears of gangs

Stray dog that was kicked out of a parking spot returns with his friends to trash the guys car

Homeless woman in Portland's Old Town cited with theft after charging her cell phone in an available outlet

After receiving verdict of $7.4 million Marvin Gaye family seeks to have "Blurred Lines" song pulled from distribution 

"Big Sugar" was a driving force behind NIH efforts to reduce dental cavities

Odds increasing that a large quake will hit California

Expelling Oklahoma students over speech may be unconstitutional

Eleven military members presumed dead in helicopter crash during the night off Florida coast

Two helicopters crash while filming reality television

Immigration reform looks dead in this session of Congress

Climate change banned in Florida

Microsoft sues Kyocera for patent infringement

Daylight savings time plus interest

Not stuck!

Ferguson judge behind aggressive fines owes $170k in taxes

Transmission fluid's odd original formula that had environmentalists upset

ISIS loots and bulldozes ancient archeological site in Iraq

Television host celebrates "Cheese Doodle Day" with surprising results

Verizon uses Morse Code to mock FCC "net neutrality" ruling saying it's taking communications back to 1934 

Three Attica State Prison guards plead guilty to inmate beating

Being poor for 9 months gave him and incredible perspective

Apple loses $533 million to an 8th grade dropout over patents

80% of the world's population will own smartphones by 2020

Fire inside Disneyland California near Small World ride

Relatives of lost flight MH370 say nobody cares anymore


Uber ride share service tells public it was hacked, about a year later

Court says NY police officer complaint about quotas is protected speech

Radio Shack sign says "adios"

New Saudi King gives 32 billion dollars to his people

Lady Gaga was big

Mountain dog

22:22:22 22/2 22.2°C

Cities crackdown on neighborhood book sharing

7 year old's service dog can accompany him to school

Earth, Moon, Venus, Mars, & Uranus were all in line at 7:32pm pacific time on Friday 2/20/2015 it was quite the sight in the sky

Bots and the law

Apple faces lawsuit over "expert poaching"

US Postal Service union wants it to expand into financial services

Parking is not a problem when you have a Jeep

Wolves acquire Kevin Garnet from Nets

Walmart the world's largest retailer gives 500,000 of it's associates almost 20% pay raise!

Lance Armstrong given $10m bill after losing lawsuit

The first Ubuntu phones going on sale before the end of February

Going green

Israel plans to demolish 20,000 Palestinian homes

Weed killer Roundup is killing off the Monarch butterfly by killing off it's main food source milkweed

US spending on science, space, technology directly correlates with increases in suicide rates (and other spurious correlations)

Visit the Fungus Fair in Balboa Park in San Diego Feb 15

Smart phone unlocking is now the law as of Feb 11

Apple's new photo app, read all about it 

First openly bisexual governor in Oregon

Anderson CA's first dog park ready by summer

Toyota wanted $4450 to replace battery in hybrid, he fixed it for $10

Suspicious person call leaves man paralyzed, officer charged

Measles was though of much differently a half a century ago

Guy swims through frozen waters to save his dog  

Sriracha sauce creator never secured a trademark on the name

Mexico's annual budget cut by 8 billion due to oil prices

Largest indoor bike park in the world is located of all places in an old limestone mine

NBC suspends news anchor Brian Williams for 6 months without pay

Wall Street CEO turns down $2 million bonus "he didn't deserve"

Southern California Edison utility layoffs spark questions of possible visa abuse

Hot or not, some say 2014 was hot, some say not

The dangerous chemical lurking in your beer can

The Intel computer "stick" is coming, it's a whole computer that fits in the palm of your hand

Bruce Jenner in horrible car crash on Pacific Coast Highway, one person dead

High school ask judge to allow them to pepper spray and arrest unruly students

Developers are forcing condo owners in Florida to sell at huge losses in order to convert to rental units, and it's all legal

How to remember the different paint colors used in a big apartment complex

New internet neutrality rules by FCC would protect consumers

Millionaire builds new homes to replace huts in a village he grew up in

Supreme Court of Canada strikes down ban of doctor assisted suicide


News anchor Brian Williams forced to admit he lied about being shot down in helicopter

Republicans unveil their form of Obamacare they call the CARE Act

It's like vaccines have become political football with air let out

Ban on deputies in Wyoming from wearing cowboy boots and hats

Good samaritan gives $7 to a man, then $40 the next day, when he says no the 3rd day he's robbed

Woman's tweets tracked from Toronto to ISIS front lines

Djokovic glad to advance to finals with 5 set win over Wawrinka

Man climbs up frozen ice Niagara Falls

iPhone case includes backup external battery power

Gas price hits $1.99 in Southern California

USA Today columnist calls for prison time for parents who do not vaccinate

Rare red fox photographed in Yosemite

Malaysian Air flight MH370 declared an accident

This graffiti is super

Peanut allergies could be cured with probiotics says doctors

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery

Using asteroseismology they found a solar system with 5 earth like planets

LG introduces a smart flip phone

Selfie in front of running train costs three college-goers their life

He left his pizza box unattended for all of 45 seconds

Johnny Depp's 3rd movie flop puts career in crossroads

Fashion designer breaks last big taboo, full frontal male nudity

Teen 'posed as gynaecologist' for a month without hospital staff noticing

Mexican police find crashed drone carrying drugs

BlackBerry's version of net neutrality would force Apple to make apps for it's system

1,700 private jets will fly to Davos to discuss 'global warming'

Food pyramid for man cave dwellers

I can't afford eggs anymore 

Science is actually not sure if 2014 was alleged "hottest year on record"

Oil industry layoffs start due to plunge in gas prices

Miracle on I-84 man survives crash

Pleasing people

France becomes first country to ban pro Palestine demonstrations

Patriot Act idea for France ridiculed

Gaming: Sunburn has you round up friends in space and plunge them into a star as the goal

Forgiveness works both ways

Target closes all it's Canadian stores after only 2 years

92% of college students prefer reading real books over electronic 

Children CAGED to keep the streets clean for the Pope

Christians and secularists should get comfortable with blasphemy

Egypt's Grand Mufti warns Charlie Hebdo magazine to not publish offensive Mohammed caricatures calling it a racist act 

Apple granted patent for a superior Go-Pro like camera

Unarmed suspect James Shaw shot and killed by police officer who was seen crying after the event

German newspaper offices torched for printing controversial cartoons

We use more than 10% of our brains

George Zimmerman arrested again

GM plans a Chevy "Bolt" with 200 mile range on electric

Intel's $150 HDMI stick turns TV into Windows computer

French terror suspects dead at both locations

Colder than Mars

Protesters in NY city plan to hand out loose cigarettes for donations to draw attention to Eric Garner's alleged crime

Ex wife rejects divorce settlement check for nearly $1 billion

12 killed in shooting at Paris satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo

Tree within a tree

Chicken breast said to be ultra healthy....but maybe it's not

Rats! The study on sugar is too simple

UFO spotted in Southern California ejected an "orb" like object in the opposite direction

Pirates are re-writing copyright law

This is called a "Sundae thru Fridae"

Helping chickens and other wildlife cross the roads

Florida clerks cancel all weddings to avoid performing same sex ceremonies

The entire top comes off this beer can

Historic grey wolf shot by hunter

Build THE BEST mousetrap simply at home with peanut butter, a paper towel tube, and a tall trash can

NYC policing insubordination situation 

You think your dog food is expensive...check this out

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