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Polar halts production of beer amidst import shortages

Global warming treaty to cost the poor billions

200,000 felons to be able to vote in Virginia

Tottenham's new stadium approved by Haringey council

35 of 38 who voted to impeach Brazil female president under investigation

Kevin O'leary says don't buy a house in 2016

Sarah Palin mocks Bill Nye The Science Guy at film premier "Climate Hustle"

Apple's recycling program recovers $40 million in gold

Ice melt in Antarctica due to Earth's geothermal heat

Wegman's named the best grocery chain in America

US postage stamp cost just went DOWN

Will Smith's alleged killer defended by former coach says lawyer

Driver pursued by police barricades himself in Pacific Palisades garage

Obama admits that Libya ouster was worst mistake of his presidency

Welfare and Walmart

7-11 food stores are said to be accepting tax payments

Prank calls get numerous fast food restaurants to smash all their windows

6,8 earthquake across South Asia

Masters Tournament less windy but chilly Sunday

The iPhone cracking case is over but not over

Second man that escaped from Washington state psychiatric hospital captured

Median home prices in San Francisco $1.1 million

Putin says allegations in Panama Papers is an American plot

Clinton asks Sanders how exactly do we break up big banks

California economy is expected to out pace the US economy

Tax filing tips for procrastinators

Seattle and Washington state employees banned from travel to Mississippi

Martin Sheen believes his new series will prove Orenthal J. Simpson innocent

Thousands protest Poland's proposed abortion ban

CALPERS may invest in tobacco stocks again after losing $3 billion by being socially responsible

The Fast and the Furious star's car crash declared not Porche's fault

George Mason University changes law school name due to awkward Scalia acronym

Bernie Sanders will break up big banks using the power of belief

PayPal ditches plan to expand in North Carolina after Governor signs bill limiting gay rights based on religious beliefs

Massive law firm hack reveals rich hiding money

Cargomatic, described as an Uber for truckers, laid off 50% of it's staff

Masters Tournament tee times for round 1 and 2

Fugitive dog leads cops on Bay Bridge chase

Princeton will keep "Woodrow Wilson" on university buildings despite cries that he was a segregationist

Californians miss overall water reduction targets for 5th month

Taliban app called Alemarah removed from play store by Google

Los Angeles father charged with murder for allegedly killing son for "being gay"

Turkish troops are killing some border crossing refugees

Google thought April fooling 900 million people would be funny

Palmyra's destroyed Temple of Bel can be restored

Trooper mourned after shooting at busy Virginia bus station

Six officials of IVRCL Group charged in flyover collapse in India

Clinton can build a bridge to Trump supporters

Computer software was once distributed on cassette tape

Louisianans can no longer be Amazon associates due to state tax regulations

Drone buzzes over ancient Palmyra ruins after army retakes city from ISIS

Man from Palmyra says Assad regime is no better than ISIS

Women are already being punished for having abortions

Mexico City bans cars on Saturdays to curb air pollution

Cities and states can mandate $15 minimum wage but they can't mandate business hire people

Labor unions get a huge Supreme Court victory

An "under the weather" cocktail

Bad policy does not keep us safe



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DUE DATES: The Internal Revenue Service BEGAN accepting individual tax returns on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016. The filing DEADLINE this year will be Monday, April 18, 2016 for individuals. Taxpayers in Maine and Massachusetts will have until Tuesday, April 19, due to the Patriots Day holiday.

7-11 food stores are said to be accepting tax payments

Do I have to attach copies of my federal tax return to my state tax return in California?

Some people can get a 40% higher tax/repayment than expected due to Obamacare - for example, if a self employed individual estimated their year's earnings $20,000 less than what they received, they could be paying an extra 20% tax on that income, and in order to reconcile form 8962 PTC they might be paying another 20% to reimburse for the subsidies they received but did not qualify for due to the higher income. view the IRS instructions on form 8962


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