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December 6, 2016 -

The dream of being able to go into a food store and not having to wait in line is becoming a reality.

The company has created a system using a combination of technologies to make it so that you can walk into a store, grab the items you want, put them in your bag, and walk out of the store and automatically be billed for them. NO CASHIER.

This amazing system is being tested by employees of in Seattle and the store there will be open soon.

The concern though is jobs. What  happens to all those cashier jobs if's first test store is a success?

They have plans they say of opening 2,000 other stores throughout the USA.

UPDATE Dec. 9, 2016 - states they're "absolutely not opening 2,000 stores"

Loss of jobs

Let's say these types of smaller "convenience" stores have 5 cashiers each.

Management jobs would remain, as would stock/inventory but these cashier jobs would disappear.

2000 stores times 5 cashiers each = 10,000 jobs

It would be interesting to see if president elect Donald Trump would work a tax break deal to keep these jobs as he did with the air conditioning company in Illinois.

It's highly unlikely as we have to look at the balance of things here. On one hand we have incredible customer convenience, speed, pleasure of shopping, etc. as a sales pitch, then on the other we have the loss of jobs.

When a politician presents such the weight of the argument would likely fall toward how wonderful this new technology is.

It would be like arguing against computers (which WAS done many times in their early days) where it was said that computers were taking away jobs. The innovation won the argument. is a very well run company and it's stock has shown investors pleasure in it's way of doing business for over a decade and a half.

As of this writing, AMZN was at $759.36 per share.

On April 30, 1997 it was $1.50 per share.

(sources for quotes and image Yahoo! Finance) website with video and other details

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