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    Trump won by a very slim margin really

November 12, 2016 -

The final electoral vote count is in at 306 for Trump and 232 for Clinton.

The popular overall vote was .2% in favor of Hillary.

A very interesting take on these numbers is presented by showing that there were 4 states that gave him the win with a mere 108,600 votes favoring Trump. They state "Had those 108,600 votes gone to Hillary Clinton, she would have won the presidency with a a 278 to 260 electoral college victory over Trump."

This coincides incredibly close with what predicted could happen in the unlikely chance that Trump didn't get Ohio ending up with him losing with 261 and Hillary winning with 283. (my calculation included New Hampshire)

Some discount the Electoral College as "unfair" and that the popular vote is what matters, but that is too simplistic a viewpoint.

The reason there is an Electoral College is manyfold, one of which is a guarantee that the will of the people is always what is heard and tallied when it comes to elections.

Take for example, had there been an earthquake of huge magnitude on November 7th, and most Los Angeles residents would not make it to polls because schools were destroyed, and roads and bridges out, the electors would have voted the will of their district, which would as it always is, Democratic. Relying only on the popular vote would require tallying up all the votes at voting booths which would have been utterly impossible. The framers of this process and the US Constitution thought of these kinds of things when they created this process.

Now look at this, the earthquake wouldn't have hit conservative Orange County enough to affect voter turnout, thus in that case of relying on popular vote, the results would for the state end up tipping over to the Republicans. 1 to 2 million Democrat votes would not be counted because they could not make it to the polls.

The Electoral College system makes it so there is guaranteed fair representation.

The way districts are set up and their electors represent people, and other factors, all lead to it working out best for the people as it has for the last 212 years since it's final incarnation was established in 1804 through the 12th Amendment.


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