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    Eric Holder current Attorney General wants 12th amendment abolished

November 13, 2016 -

The ELECTORAL COLLEGE exists as a way for the people of the United States to elect their president for 4 years each term. It has faced extreme criticism of recent after Hillary lost the election as she got more of the overall popular vote thus giving the impression that she really should have won the presidency.

This system of granting STATES more power to control how they count the vote of their people and have the people elect delegates to represent them in Washington, D.C. is a system that is democratic in it's function to a very high degree.

There are a number of problems that could occur in a general count vote instead of using electoral vote count. One of the most obvious is that if there was a tragedy such as tornado, earthquake, hurricane, or even a debilitating snowstorm or icestorm, that would prevent certain areas from actually making it to the polls, the Electoral College has the power to present the will of the people he/she represents to Washington, D.C.. Without such powers granted to each state, in such calamaties, the actual will of the people could be skewed erroneously.

In the November 12, 2016 airing of "Bill Maher's Real Time" show Holder stated in response to Bill saying that it's unlikely for that repeal of the electoral college process to ever happen in this presidency and Republican "controlled" congress, saying it's a heavy thing to handle, he claimed we have to lift it up as if it doesn't matter how heavy it is.

This makes me think of someone trying to lift up a crane. Impossible.

For someone in such a high position to think that the impossible can be done, when it clearly cannot, seems to show that he's basically what Trump stated about Obama's cabinet as he was running, not really the best choices for running the United States unless maybe Holder was just kidding about this.


Then there's and interesting segment on the show about Bill's thoughts on how this whole election was good for 3rd parties. He makes a very astute observation that should be noted in the textbook examples of how the political processes work.

 Bill talks about 3rd party candidates and how Trump really was one but succeeded because he didn't run as one 


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