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   Rexnord is shipping 300 jobs to Mexico

December 4, 2016 -

They announced they will be shipping 300 jobs to Mexico in February 2017 from their bearing plant in Illinois.

Donald Trump tweeted "No more" but it remains to be seen if he can broker a deal for them to stay.

Mexican wages average 17% what they are in the US according to

When we compare the average wage of a Rexnord bearing maker, that averages $25 per hour, that drops to about 10%.

How can Trump's plan to add 35% tax on bearings imported back into the USA change this?

The amount of bearings consumed by the USA might be 5% compared to the entire global market.

The company could probably continue to be more profitable manufacturing bearings in Mexico even with that tarrif.

We will have to see if Trump's claims to save jobs pans out in 2017.

I personally don't see this company budging, meaning they will move to Mexico.

Rexnord is involved in process management control, water management.

They manufacturer bearings, couplings, gear drives, electrical components.

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