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    Coal stock soars as investors bet on Trump win

November 12, 2016 -

(This goes into the "Now why didn't I think of that" file)

The coal industry is likely to get a big boost since Trump is now the president elect. Thing is we had indication that he might very well win as well in this last month.

During the 8 years of Obama more and more coal mines were shut down due to government regulations, and it would have just gotten worse under Hillary.

Some of the energy stocks related to coal suffered a huge loss over the years.

Take a look at what one of them did in just one month.

According to Yahoo! Finance it was at $1.65 a month ago and soared to it's close on Friday to $12.48.

That is an increase of over 7 times! Also of note we could expect that anything with the Trump name on it will be a hot commodity.

This chart also shows that investors thought Trump would win.


Trump as president elect gave this stock Peabody Energy a major boost, upping it over 7 times in value in one month!




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