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Build walls for houses instead of at borders

March 9, 2017 -

written by Kenneth Wegorowski

Trump's push to build a border wall to affect the "security of our nation" is a lovely goal, but what about the security of our veterans that are homeless, where is the repetitive claim that the walls will be build for their homes?

After all they sacrificed for the security of our nation we owe them walls for houses.

The cost of Trump's grand Taj Majal of border fences is said to be pegged at a cost of $2.9 billion.

Wikipedia states that in 2013 the US homeless veteran population was about 57,849.

If the US was to build homes for homeless veterans, each home costing $250,000 and house 4 in each home, we just about solve the nation's homeless vet problem entirely.

If we build a wall at the Mexican border we don't solve that problem. The US would not secure the ability for it's homeless veterans to have a safe place to live and sleep every night and day.

The math shows $2.9 billion divided by each home's cost of $250k = 11,600 homes that could be built instead of a brick wall to nowhere.

Take that number and multiply by 4 veterans in each home and we have 46,400.

The homeless veteran population is about 12% of the entire homeless population in the US. The rest of the homeless in the US is about 329,440.

There are many parts of the country where land is inexpensive and basic homes could be built for $50,000 in which case we would not only solve the homeless vet problem we would solve homelessness for 5 times 46,400 = 232,000 people.

That's 232,000 homefuls instead of homeless.

329,000 homeless - 232,000 homefulls = 97,000 homeless left to house.

As with all truly great sales pitches, a border wall that has been painted as a solution to the nation's security issues is a mirage.

If we build a wall, we will create jobs.

If we bulid walls for homes instead, we create jobs AND we solve some very difficult issues and create stability in communities for hundreds of thousands of people.

I think if former president Ronald Reagan was here today he would be saying "Mr. Trump, tear down that border wall facade".

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