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Indio California area to be sprayed with pesticides from the air to harm public health try to get rid of mosquitoes that are everywhere! February 7, 2017

The claim is that the mosquito is a threat but this mosquito is prevalant throughout the entire southern part of the entire United States of America.

Aedes aegypti mosquito distribution in the United States


The Coachella Valley Mosquito Vector Control District states that one area will be sprayed by air.

Residents who do not want this spraying can contact though I doubt they would do anything as they have already determined that the alleged "threat" to public health is greater than any stopping of such spraying.

Their website states:

If you would like to request that ground adult control applications are not made to your property, please click here and the District will try to accommodate the request without jeopardizing public health.

At the time of adulticiding the District will post the information on its website as well as in the area. For questions, please contact 760-342-8287 or or email To be notified via email of any adulticiding activities, please click here.

The area affected is near the I-10 freeway between Golf Center Road and Monroe Boulevard.

Applications are scheduled to take place, weather permitting, every week starting February 11 between 5:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. until March 4 and every other week and on March 18, April 1, and April 15. The aerial route will be within the borders of Monroe St., Indio Blvd., Golf Center Parkway, and I-10.

What a HORRIBLE time to pick to do that, children will be getting up, and on their way to school.

After I published my article here, I double-checked my work and noticed an interesting ad appearing, take a look at what was suggested to be used on mosquitoes, of all things garlic. Maybe garlic spray might be a safer way to go instead of spraying areas where there are small children going outside. After all we eat garlic, we don't eat pesticides.


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