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   That coveted award The Oscar® seemed to go to two films

February 28, 2017 - - written by Kenneth Wegorowski

For those of us who did not watch the award ceremony for the Oscars® and relied on news reports and daytime TV shows as to who won best picture, there could have been some confusion even after the real winner was announced.

Tuning in to Ellen did not make it clear. She did a segment where she kept being interrupted by fake breaking news reports, then finally stated the winner was Moonlight. Was she kidding as she was during this segment or was she not? It wasn't perfectly clear as she kids around all the time.

Some people thought La La Land was the winner.

Moonlight was the winner actually.

Hollywood Reporter told of the details of the massive blunder blaming it on an accountant's tweet.

 They also reported about a second big blunder the Oscars® made that night, a memoriam segment showed a still alive producer!

Wow what a performance.

Predicting next year, it's likely we will not see any performance quite like this so the Oscar® should go to The Oscars® for best drama in 2017's Oscars®.

Even the President of the United States made comment stating that the producers of the show were too obsessed with politics to handle the basics properly so even if they did nominate themselves, it's likely the award would go to another film.


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