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Solar panels warm the planet and no one cares about it

October 13, 2017 -

Amid all the hype about solar energy saving the world, anyone that can analyze things and knows something about simple principles of physics and heat can see when looking at this photo that these solar panels are black. They will absorb more of the suns radiant energy and thus dissipate it into the atmosphere. 

Twitter snapshot October 13, 2017

Black absorbs heat. That heat then is released into the atmosphere.

If these panels were not here "saving the planet from the evils of carbon" which is the most abundant thing on earth naturally, the sun would hit the ground. The ground is often contains water and thus would cool the radiant heat but also because the water and earth are not black the radiant heat is not absorbed like with solar panels.

At other times the earth would absorb the heat as well and dissipate it much slower overnight.

Being that the earth is not black, the heat generated is lesser that what comes from black solar panels. Anyone who has sat on a black vinyl car seat in summer knows this difference. White vinyl seats (hard to find in cars now) reflect the infrared light and do not get hot.

I think these solar panels need to be painted white to reflect the light.

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