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STOP google news from switching to new tab each time you click on a news link

by Ken Wegorowski - - March 12, 2017

I love reading daily.

It presents a buffet of current news links and snippets of what's going on in the world and it has a great selection of news articles that are constantly refreshed.

The problem is.....
when I click on each link, it immediately opens up the link in a new tab and switches to that tab.

I don't want that.

I find this immediate switching undesirable as I prefer to peruse the news page of links, choose what I want to read, then after all selections are made, then go to each page and read them.

It's like how we would naturally read a table of contents and noting which sections of a reference book you want to read, and then later going to each section.

Even if your browser is set to not switch immediately to a new open tab for a page, Google News somehow over rides this.

This automatic "immediate switch to mode" is like if someone tells you that there's an article about a new president (who you are tired of hearing about) in the middle section of the newspaper and they immediately grab and start turning the pages of your paper for you so you can immediately read it which you don't want to do until later.

To simply stop this annoying behavior of your computer and Google News pages, before clicking on the link, hold down CRTL key and at the same time then select the link.

The link will open in a new tab but it will be under your page you are viewing.

This has been tested on Firefox browser.

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