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Today's Ever Changing World
resources on current or recent wildfire incidents, earthquakes, traffic, flood information, drought, aviation

California highways

Air travel



Flood & Tsunami


Wildfire & other incident information 



print & view monthly calendars

online calendars

Sunrise and sunset calendars that are printable for anywhere in the USA - Canada - Australia - England

Full Moons will appear in 2019 on these dates

Famous People Born Today

Today's Date in Hebrew

What month are we are in by number and what is it's 3 letter way of writing it?

Current Day of the Year

Sunrise & sunset calendars

Forex economic calendar

Calendarpedia - school calendars, fiscal year calendars, perpetual calendars, split year calendars, photo calendars, weekly & yearly calendars, one-two-three year calendars, and calendars for Australia and Canada, federal calendars, monthly calendars, and more

Microsoft Office calendar templates for any year

Verify Today's Date in AbacusLaw

History of calendars

Insert Today's Date in Microsoft Office    

printable calendar w/holidays




Today's Front Pages

Today's date in various cultural expressions

Time clocks

World Time Map

Atomic Clock Time

Time converter - UTC to Pacific Time and others

Convert Today's Date into Roman numerals

What Makes Today special?

What date is it 100 days from today?


Daylight Savings Time

when is daylight savings time?


temps in other cities 
Europe  United Kingdom  All Countries 

current conditions

Doppler Radar National Mosaic


Storm predictions & reports  live map

farenheit/celsius conversions

longest lunar eclipse this century was 27 July 2018

other warnings and extreme events
USA national warning map
Hurricanes & Tropical Storms
Red Flag wind advisories
Austrailia cyclone map
50 Years of Tornado Tracks

old fashioned predicting
Farmer's Almanac

weather in the universe
Today's Weather in space and forecast from NOAA
Space weather website

Historical Weather Events


Other resources

Check Today's US Total Debt

USPS service alerts 

Online scientific calculator

Dot map of the 2010 census


News Items & Opinions

A short history of American taxation, at one time there was no Federal Income Tax

If you get stuck in dry grass, never keep spinning those wheels - see what happens

 Abe Lincoln won presidency due to Electoral College

That blanket of carbon just is not keeping some people warm at night

Cheers scene mismatch on Thanksgiving 1986 episode

World's highest trash dump

Why just visit Hawaii when you can buy a 55,574.888 acre ranch there

Stop auto refresh in website pages

Vaporizing is presenting some fantastic side effects, the total cessation of smoking and vaping

California governor scraps high speed rail while his Democrat party embraces high speed rail in the New Green Deal

If the "New Green Deal" went through what would happen?

Noticing a crosswalk problem I helped craft a change to for Palm Springs that makes it safer for everyone and is a change that should be adopted by the National Highway Safety Committee

Earth spins fast so why don't we fly off? Hint: It's not because of "gravity"


Lottery results

Winning Lottery Numbers

Real Estate featured homes for sale in or near desert communities

free land if you build a home in these communities not in the desert



Today's Celebrity Birthdays

movies in theaters and/or on DVD

Election dates in the US

The next USA presidential election will be November 3, 2020 which is a Tuesday

view delegate map

probably the most unusual candidate for president has been Vermin Supreme


Event calendars 

Palm Springs


Today's price of a postage stamp

What is the price of a stamp in the US?


Tax center

Get tax forms and file direct at the IRS official website

Where to send your individual tax account balance due payments

US taxes are due for most individuals who online or by mail is on April 15, 2019 which is a Monday

You can pay IRS taxes using debit or credit card


1040 form    tax tips

tax calendar for business & self employed



Study topics



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