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    Diana Manseau watercolor from 1976 showing what appears to be a Latin police officer lounging in chair in summer shorts 

I found this artwork very intriguing and well done. It's 43 years old and protected by the plastic covering it's been in probably since it was first created.

This is an original work by a teacher of the arts in California. She currently lives in the Northern California area and has taught water color painting for years.

Click on the image to view it on Ebay.

Diana Manseau watercolor original 1976


In doing a search online using it appears that Diana lives in Mona, Utah as in 2017 a public record from the city there shows that she was approved a fence permit.

She has lived in Morro Bay and had a special love for that area and her works were featured by the Art Center Morro Bay and has taught at UCLA.

She has interest in natural methods of healing and homeopathy presenting ways of ridding the body of intestinal parasites during certain moon phases.

This artwork was acquired at a thrift store buried amongst a large collection of paintings and framed works for sale.
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