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What if the proposal for the "green new deal" was adopted?

by Kenneth Wegorowski written 2/9/2019 7:41am pt copyright preserved. This is an opinion piece and a forward looking perspective*

Newest young Democrat in US Congress has proposed a sweeping policy that would basically eliminate fossil fuels from being used in industry, home heating, eliminate gasoline engines, force the country to use only "clean energy" like wind and solar.


It would upset the country and entire world as we know it for what is claimed to be saving humanity, saving the planet, saving us from global warming.

I'm not quite sure why AOC and other democrats cannot see the massive flaws of the plan, or how we live in a system of warming and cooling that is basically constant and that no matter what man does the systems of universal constantness will remain and when I say universal I mean as in the universe with it's constant cooling mechanism of surrounding the Earth with a vast expanse of 456 degrees Fahrenheit* below zero with an equal constant warming mechanism of Sun's radiation and magnetic fields which also warm the center core of Earth as do Earth's nuclear processes at it's core keeping a constant temperature of the planet which without that would plunge into temperatures below zero almost constantly.**

Rather than get into too much detail as to why such a "New Green Deal" plan ignores even the most basic physics with it's claims of replacing current systems into ones that are absolutely impossible to build without oil as these lofty ideas have been presented as there is plenty of that online everywhere, I want to touch on something I have not read anywhere how we would lose our ability to see things clearly and fashionably if we haven't already.

Alex Ocasio Cortez's "New Green Deal" would mean no contact lenses, they are made of plastic which comes from petroleum, big bad petroleum. This means we would have no eyeglasses either, they are not made of glass, they are made of plastic. Lenses are plastic.

Bye bye vision correctors they are causing climate change.

Of course for many politicians who make laws without reading laws they propose this would not be a disadvantage.

Under the New Green Deal plan wave good bye to all plastic bags*** which many now will cheer loudly about at first, even those for storing food, they are made from oil. 98% of what you see on store shelves will be gone!

Bulk containers only made of wood, oh those are banned too, causes climate change to cut trees with oil powered buzz saws in "overforesting". Shortage of steel bins everywhere as steel is hard to ore without oil powered earth movers and forget about steel mills which use oil to melt the steel.

Thus we will be forced to bring the oats and vegetables in to village market by donkey and cart. People will gather around and in turn scoop out the oats into their potato sacks with their hands or reusable paper straws.

Environmentalists are elated.

In the meantime while the AOC's keep getting on TV cheerleading the USA, medias cover her constantly hailing the New Green Deal, and Russia keeps producing oil, nuclear weapons, then takes over the United States, forcing us to abandon our NGD and foolish leaders.

It's all good the people say.

We then hear on TV Ocasio and the democrats and followers saying, "It's Trump's fault" as if we haven't heard that too many times already and well versed at understanding how they would blame him for this now and for Earth's magnetic pole shifting towards Russia.

In response Putin says, "You're all fired!"

For a while the US constitution was put into storage like Confederate statues while he runs the country like Russia.

Putin then does a State of the Union, "Trump will lead the New America Deal and provide balance again for your country, I don't want to lead it anyway I have lots to do here in Russia and the Middle East, you need someone who will handle things like a business and has experience in both that and as being a President. You had a great country and I hope he brings it back for you all better than it was".

The Constitution is brought back out. Things go back to as they were except the Democrat party was abolished.

Since Putin and Trump have always had at their core a cordial leadership arrangement this New America Deal was not a shock to many but a disappointment for some who lost their jobs in congress over it.

That's the positive thinking side of things.

The alternately fueled ending of this story could be that if both Russia and China invaded the US with their nuclear and oil based might, they would then annihilate each other's armies that invaded and there would be no country left at all.

This would end the border wall discussion for a while.


Ok who cares to respond? Ocasio? You can write me here.

If you write please tell me how we would keep from being taken over by Russia using batteries and toy guns made of green materials like oats and corn and fallen tree branches and Saturday morning cartoon plots as a defense or I may not respond as I am very busy building a fallout shelter now.

Readers, please feel free to share this story using the links to the left or use short excerpts copied with hyperlink reference.

Thank you and God Bless The World.

*this is not a movie, yet. If you wish to buy the script please call.

**Run on marathon sentences are cool, create natural energy, help save the planet.

***Say goodbye to computers too, all of which use plastic, even the wires are coated with plastic though some will surely call for paper coverings of copper wires as an alternative.
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