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Ohio has a 4.0 earthquake

written by Kenneth Wegorowski on 11 June 2019

Toto we are not in Kansas or California anymore our earthquakes are occurring everywhere there is fracking for natural gas deposits.

In order to fuel our cars, air conditioners, washers and dryers, America is fracking like never before and this is showing up on the United States Geological Survey website that monitors ground shaking activities. This is becoming commonplace. These earthquakes presented themselves on 6-11-2019.

view an interesting video presentation on what this does to small farming communities

from the movie "a land use prohibition is not considered to be a regulation of an industry"

There was a time where we all did with less energy would it be so difficult to do with less today? Try washing your clothes by hand instead of driving in that fuel wasting tonnage to the psychiatrist or spa, it's great therapy and will save us. Use salt for washing your clothes instead of polluting detergents that require plastics be made for containers.

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