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  Vaping saves lives

Vaporizing replaces smokers desire for tobacco

by Kenneth Wegorowski
published on February 13, 2019

There are those who are pushing against 'vaping' as it's called trying to establish a myriad of controls, taxes, rules and regulations. Some of such rules are being discussed regarding safety of the products themselves and may be beneficial, but others are downright lies, distortions, exaggerations, and ploys to extort money through taxation.

One of the most interesting things that is being attributed to vaping is the fact that some of those who have smoked for a long time get hooked on this "new form of smoking" but it's so rarely publicized how there are those who use vaping as a gateway vehicle to get to full cessation of smoke or harmless vapors and "addictive nicotine" completely.

One story outlines a 25 year smoker who went to vaporizing, felt immediately better, did this for a while, then gave up the nicotine AND the vaping completely.

Anyone that claims that vaping is harmful is being disingenuous and to be against vaporizing is unhealthy.

It can truly be said that vaporizing can stop vaporizing and tobacco smoking, thus cause not cancer, or addiction, but cause constant use of fresh air 100% of the time.


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